Blossoms and Spring Sweetness

So loved taking these spring time photos. The soft bohemian romantic look was perfect for a late spring evening, softer lighter and blossom filled branches. And she rocked it for sure in that dress.

We had fun trying out this new location and all that it could offer. I loved her enthusiasm and her sense of adventure. The edge of the field has some tall uncut grasses that added to the mood and gave some nice soft contrast.

A nearby gazebo was ideal for escaping the harsh direct sun and enabled us to maximize the ample natural soft reflective light. The gazebo’s frame made a perfect prop for casual sitting, and its wood benches complimented the casual look and relaxed jeans and plaid shirt style.

I can’t wait for the leaves to fill out and the grass to green up just a little bit more. But there’s not long to wait — a little over a month until Memorial Day weekend and summer will here!

Thank you sweet R. — you are gorgeous both inside and out!  These are a few of my absolute favorites from our time together.

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